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08 August 2006 @ 10:55 am
"the burn"  
Do you agree with the trainer/nutritionist on the show, when he asserts the following:

1. That you have to exercise outside your comfort zone (in the "pain zone", really pushing yourself), to get any benefit from exercise?

2. That you have to rid yourself of all processed foods, entirely, to be healthy? And that 'diet' foods are more chemicals than food and thus, to be entirely avoided?

These seem like impossibly high standards to me, for the average person. Especially if one is a volume eater ... or not a natural athelete. I hate when he ways "we'll make an athelete out of her" - not everyone has an inner athelete.

Then again, halfway through, each guest hits a plateau, and increasing intensity of exercise is supposed to fix that... Even Kathleen Daelmans says that it's best to workout with people who are better at it than you are, so you have to push yourself to keep up. And that seems to be the goal on 'The Biggest Loser', too - making people work out til they throw up falls in line with that theory.

If so, how do you push yourself that hard without a trainer to motivate you, or a group of super-fit friends to keep up with?

I know the answer to #2 - bulk up on veggies and whole grains, use non-fat condiments such as vinegars for flavour. And eat fruit instead of dessert. To date, this has only partially worked for me...

LytBrytlytbryt on August 23rd, 2007 03:27 pm (UTC)
You should push yourself during exercise only to a point. For many who have never really exercised their threshold is really low. You need to work almost to the point of fatigue. You should feel like you couldn't do much more at your current frequency, intensity, or duration (FIT). Anything less and you're not working to your potential. Anything more and you've probably crossed the anaerobic threshold and aren't burning anything but sugar not fat stores.

As for foods, there is a balance to be had. If you are in any real doubt consult a nutritionist. Reaixe that most low fat/so called healthier foods have generally swapped one bad thing for another. IMHO if you are craving ice cream. Control your portion size and have it. Most times people are not satisfied with all of the low fat blah blah blah because their craving isn't satisfied.

I tried the low fat cookies (oreos) For a while. I found myself eating more of them.

It's more important to eat smart than avoid things altogether. You body needs fat, sugar, protein to function properly. Most really processed foods are way over the top on some areas.

Read the labels of your foods. Look at portion size. Restaurants are killing us with huge meals. Even halfing the order is still more than most need.