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25 September 2007 @ 10:32 am
howdy girls!

ok, on last week's show the trainer Paul said that aquasize/aquafit is a waste of time and you need gravity to get a really good workout. this cause UPROAR with a few people i know who watch the show...what do you girls think about it?
*myself, i can honestly say that the 'deep water' aquafit where you have to tread water the whole time made me feel like i was working out, but honeslty i have to agree with him about the shallow water, i never felt like i got a great workout.

Paul told me once (and a friend reminded me of this same thing a few days ago) that 'they" did a study once that showed that when you add ONE sedentary person into a group of fit active people, the entire group does a decline in activity and fitnesss. this blew my mind! i have to say that i almost didn't believe him until a very fit friend of mine told me the same thing a few days ago (and wouldn't have heard it from Paul). what do you guys think about that?
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jennas_crush on September 25th, 2007 08:50 pm (UTC)
I think any exercise is what you make of it. If you move and work hard it will work for you. I think most people associate acquasize with older more mature adults because it is less stressful on your joints.

I think it's good for very heavy people to start off with initially becuase of damage that can be done to your joints with all of the extra weight.

I think it can be combined with other exercises to form a good weightloss workout. Like they say your body needs variation since our bodies adapt easily to certain exercise.

As for the second question about sedantary people being thrown into the mix, I agree, but I think it also works the other way around. You throw one excercise nut into a group of sedentary people and you can get them motivated. I know I have the proof.....

I have a bunch of lazy nurses eating healthy and doing five flights of stairs a few times per day. One came to me the other other day and hugged me because she went to her Dr.'s appt and found she had lost 9 lbs, and her cholesterol level is down and if she keeps it up she won't have to go on medication.
LytBrytlytbryt on September 26th, 2007 06:40 pm (UTC)
I beg to differ with Paul. I have never seen the show you are talking about....

For many people that are unable to handle impact exercises like running, aqua classes or swinning offer that abiklity. With 6X the resistance.

It all comes dwon to this. You get what you put into it.